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Liked songs gone, app won't show or play any songs or display playlists/artist pages etc.

Liked songs gone, app won't show or play any songs or display playlists/artist pages etc.






Samsung A20

Operating System

Android 11


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For the past day I have not been able to use the Spotify Android App in any way. I also use the app on my iPad and my computer with no issue, it's just my phone. I have also tried the troubleshooting advice I've found on here, deleted everything related to the app, reinstalled it, but nothing works still. 


The "Home" tab looks normal and still shows my recent listening habits such as my playlists and my "Liked Songs", but the "Your Library" tab is entirely empty of either, and of my followed podcasts. The home screen also suggests that I keep listening to stuff I've listened to before, artists, albums and podcasts or other playlists I might like. Clicking on those then gives me either "Something went wrong. Have another go?" if I have saved them before, or "This playlist is empty. Go home to find playlists just for you" if they are Spotify-made mood playlists and such.


I occasionally see a play button on the home page where it's suggesting I keep listening or check out a new release, but nothing plays. Local files also won't play. I have tried starting a song on my tablet or computer, then sending it over to my phone via Connect, but all I get is silence and grayed-out controls on the device that was previously playing. Any ideas what else I could try?


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Hey @dabeeli,

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community! It sounds like you've tried a couple of things already, but let's try some more troubleshooting.


Just to confirm, have you tried a clean reinstall with the steps in this article? Make sure you follow the ones for Android 6.0 and newer. This is more thorough than a regular one and will remove any corrupted files from previous installations. It'll get you the latest app version with all necessary updates and fixes. 


On another note, by saying that Spotify works as expected on your other devices , you got us thinking that there might be an issue with your phone. Sometimes, old cached files are interfering with the app's performance and it'd be best to clear them. Here are the steps on how to do that. 


If the issue persists, we'd appreciate it if you share the Spotify version you're currently running as well as a couple of screenshots of what you see at your end. 


Let us know how it goes.

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