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Liking song from Daily Mix doesnt work if not on Spotify app

Liking song from Daily Mix doesnt work if not on Spotify app


When I'm playing from my daily mix on Spotify, whilst open on the app, and I hear a song I like, I can press the heart button and it adds it to my songs automatically so I can listen to it later. However, if I go on another app, eg Google Chrome, whilst I have my daily mix playing in the background, and I hear a song I like, I press the heart button. But, this does not save the track to my songs, so after an hour or two of listening I could never hear the songs that I liked, as they had never saved. This annoyed me. I am fairly certain this is a bug, due to the fact that on the help pages it says pressing the heart button saves the track to your songs in your library; evidently, they have not done so.

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Hey @Tomproberts!


Thanks for getting in touch with the Spotify Community. We'd like to help. 


Can you let us know the Spotify and Android version you're using? Also, are you getting any error messages when you're trying to add the songs? 


In the meantime, we'd recommend reinstalling the app. Here's how


Let us know if this makes any difference. We'll be here to help. 



I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, updated my android version, and it still does got add the song to my library when I use the heart button from not within the app itself...

EDIT: By the way, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 9.7" SM-T815, running Android version 7.0. And no error messages appear, the songs just don't appear in my library.


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