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Local Files Unable To Play on Android

Local Files Unable To Play on Android

Downloading files from your computer/phone and adding them onto playlists on Spotify is completely new to me. I had found out about it when I was on my computer, then noticed a song I knew wasn't on Spotify in my playlist. This feature works perfectly with my computer without issues, however when I try to do it with my phone, It does not work. I have the same song downloaded onto my phone as I do my computer. I went into the playlist and looked at the song on my phone, but it was greyed out and every time I tapped it it would say "This song is not available." 

I had already searched through many solutions and troubleshooting passages but have had no luck with them. I turned on "Download", like every solution claims, however the file will not download.

If I could get some help on this, I would be extremely greatful.

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Hello @Eclypse,


You have to sync them all from your computer to phone, this is for premium users only. To find out how to sync them read this article:


Hope this helps 🙂

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