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Local Files impossible to download through existing guides

Local Files impossible to download through existing guides






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I've been looking around for answers as to how I can sync my local and desktop files to allow me to play local files on my mobile, however nothing of use appears to be available. All I've really seen is the same copy and pasted "do x, y, z and it will work" despite me doing everything, thoroughly, repeatedly, for it to just not work. The thread in question is this one;


- Relog into devices -> Done, does nothing
- Logged into same account -> Yes, does nothing, no new options
- No offline mode -> Done

- Connected to the same network -> Done and tested on MULTIPLE networks, does not work

- Settings > Local Files (Does not work on Android, no option on Android either for local files OR for syncing local files, incorrect advice)
- Check if file is supported (all .mp3, supported)
- Premium (Yup)
- Latest versions (Yup)
- Firmware and storage (Yup)
- Possible download limit (Never done this before, so Yup)
- Windows private wifis (YUP!)
- Exception in both firewalls on both devices (Yup!)

I don't understand why none of these really work. It's just annoying. Don't see why there's no option to just have "local files" on android when that for some god forsaken reason isn't an option added on mobile spotify? Or downloading the .mp3 on mobile just gives an error despite the files literally being the same? I have the exact files on my desktop and mobile and they don't recognise that they're the same? Idk. Just doesn't make sense to me. The *actual* support website simply just says "import files with desktop steps" but there's no ACTUAL way to import. Offhanded guides suggest "Select playlist category -> select import playlist" but none of those options exist? I don't understand? Why does it have to be so complicated with outdated, better yet, incorrect advice? I just wanna listen to a certain playlist in my spare time on my mobile and this whole palaver just seems over the top. I've set literally EVERYTHING that's possible for this to maybe even work, to allow for local device recognition automatically, it just doesn't work.


Please provide a working method as to how I can just play local files on mobile, or what steps I've possibly missed in order to do that. Nothing that exists on Spotify support forums or your official webpage that I've attempted so far actually works. Thank you.

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Hi there @FstMario,


Thank you for posting on the Community. 


Great troubleshooting so far. There are other things we can look into, but to continue we'd like to have some more information. 

  • Are you able to play the local files on your computer? 
  • Are you making sure to add the files to a playlist (on your PC), to try and download that playlist from your phone? 
  • How do the files look on your phone; greyed out, they don't appear at all?

Also, please let us know the app version you're running. This can help us investigate further.


On another note, currently we're reworking the way Local Files are recognized on both apps. But for now, on the mobile app there isn't a "Local Files" setting, since this process is made only by downloading the playlist where the files were added. 


We'll be on the lookout.

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