Play "local files" on my mobile device

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Play "local files" on my mobile device

Garage Band
‎2012-06-13 07:34 PM

What's the easiest way to be able to play "local files" that reside on my desktop device on my mobile? After bringing them in to the desktop Spotify client as a playlist I'm able to play them there, and the playlist appears on my mobile client, but the songs are grayed out and say "the track is unavailable".




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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Music Lover
‎2015-06-17 09:32 AM

If your computer and device are on the same wifi network and all your local files are in a playlist. Just toggling the offline toggle on the playlist on your device and you will trigger the local files sync :).


The solution was given here by MattSuda, the 4th post.



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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Music Lover
‎2015-06-25 10:04 PM

FYI to those still having issues syncing. Make sure "Network Discovery" is turned on as well in Windows. I often turn mine off when I don't need to connect to a device such as my printer and forget that I have it off. Took thirty frustrating minutes for me to figure out why I wasn't syncing local files to my phone. 

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Music Lover
‎2015-11-26 10:13 PM

Ok so I had had a long problem with this whole syncing thing, but I was able to fix It.


  1. open spotify on your computer in the app
  2. Make sure that your the selected local files appear in the computer app
  3. Now make a new playlist with just these songs in
  4. Now stop and go to your firewall settings (you should be able to search your files for it)
  5. Scroll through until you find spotify.exe and allow ALL of the apps through the firewall.
  6. Now go to your mobile device open spotify and press sync

The real issue lies within your computers firewall blocking spotify. This is probaby why spotify couldnt fix the issue

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Music Lover
‎2016-04-27 08:21 AM

I have had this problem as well, the only solution I have found that actually works is enable a WiFi hotspot with my phone and conect my Laptop/Desktop computer to it, once my Laptop/Desktop computer is conected to the WiFi generated with my phone go into Spotify in my phone and press available offline and then it synced everything!!

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Music Lover
‎2016-06-25 09:08 PM

Just did this today (6/25/16) although it did take some work. 


1. (If windows 10) search "firewall" in the desktop search box and select windows firewall.

2. Click allow an app or feature through Windows firewall, near the top left of the popup.

3. Go to Spotify.exe and make sure both boxes are checked.

4. Do you have multiple routers/ wifi networks? (If so make sure device and computer are on the same network on the same router!)

5. Restart spotify app on device

6. Recheck local file playlist to available offline

7. If it says "Waiting to download" then you're either not on the right network or firewall is still blocking it

8. If it says "Downloading" but it isn't downloading try unchecking and rechecking the available offline box on desktop and app, and restart both if still not working.


I have 2 routers, and my desktop is wired to one while my phone is connected to another. Once I connected my phone to the same router as my desktop (doesn't need to both be wifi) then it switched from Waiting to download to Downloading, but not actually downloading. I restarted each application and tried again and it managed to go through.


I wish the process was easier, but honestly it's not Spotify's fault if your router/firewall is blocking Sync. Hopefully this helps clarify a little bit.

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Community Legend
‎2016-11-09 02:40 PM

Any problems with syncing local files are normally down to communication issues so here's a list of things to check if local files won't download.

  • Your PC and mobile must be connected to the same Network/SSID and spotify should be running on your PC.
  • In your router settings, check that UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is enabled.
  • Make sure that Windows shows your network as private and not public.
  • Set exceptions for spotify in any firewall or internet security programme. If you are unsure how to do this, temporarily disable them.
  • Check that you haven't already hit the limit of 3,333 downloads per device or 9,999 downloads across all devices.
  • If you are using a wifi network outside of your home, there is every chance that the protocols used by spotify for downloading are blocked.

If you still can't make it work, you can create a mobile hotspot on your mobile and connect your PC to this hotspot via wifi. Syncing the local files should then work.

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Concert VIP
‎2016-11-10 02:04 PM
Switch to google music. It was the only thing that worked for me.

Download portify and you can copy your settings and songs over.

Spotify has the worst customer service and couldn't care less how much
difficulty you have, they will never offer personalized help.

Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Music Lover
3 weeks ago

So i had this problem as well and, if you are still having trouble, I found a solution for me. I was using a windows computer, and I went into the firewall settings (go to settings, network and internet, windows firewall) and then in the lefthand corner it says "allow and app or feature through windows firewall" go there. Click "change settings" then find something that says "spotify.exe" and check the box. This fixed the problem immediately for me and allowed me to download music to my android. 

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Community Legend
‎2012-06-13 08:52 PM
You need to synchronize that playlist to your mobile.

Start Spotify on both your desktop and on your phone, with the phone on wifi on the same network as the PC. If there are no network issues your phone will appear under the Devices section in the desktop app - from there you can choose which playlists to sync.

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Concert Regular
‎2012-06-13 09:56 PM

I've done this but find that whenever the app has updated, or sometimes even when rebooting my phone I lose all synced 'local file' tracks.


This is highly annoying as I cannot sync them back while at work or while traveling (which I do for work...).


One would think not deleting local tracks would be a fairly simple thing to get working.

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Garage Band
‎2012-06-14 01:11 AM

I synced the playlist that i wanted, songs that aren't on Spotify but on my C drive, and it automatically downloaded them to the device. That's not really what i wanted, although it gets me part of the way there.


Is there a way to play the songs on the device without downloading?

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Concert Regular
‎2012-06-14 05:46 AM

You cannot stream 'local files' type tracks.


You also cannot play files on your SD card any more.


Sadly a lot of features are going poof it seems :(

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Garage Band
‎2012-06-14 09:00 AM

Yeh it won't sync local files under the latest version of Android. 


It's not that it doesnt actually sync it, but on the phone on android. There is no option for local files. 

It doesn't come up. Tho it is on the computer Spotify app. 


The only way to do it, is to make a playlist. Drag everything from local files into the playlist. Then sync. 

You can even click offline mode for what its worth. Obviously its already on the computer as its local files. 


It seems files that are not on Spotify are faded out. It is very inconsistent about it. But none the less you can play everything. 


Once you have it all on your new shiny playlist. Sync it to the phone. And just sync that playlist which just has local files. 


There is no way to work out the bitrate of the files on the spotify app for Andoid, so I can see the kbps. So I know if it is a local version or what the sound quality is either. Anyway you can sync local files only through making a playlist. 


The problem lies in the Spotify app. It has the option to click sync local files. And it actually does it, but this is useless as there is no way to search or play these files unless they are in a playlist on the latest Android App. And because it isn't in a playlist you cannot play it. 


So yeh Make playlist. Copy Local Files into Playlist. Sync Android Phone with that Playlist. You can now play local files. 

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Garage Band
‎2012-06-14 09:51 AM

Just tried this on iPod touch and it is working. As there is a Local Files folder. It actually shows one. 


Using the same archive. 


The latest Android software is basically the problem. 

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Community Legend
‎2012-06-14 02:35 PM

The Spotify webpage Local Music Files ( states:


Listening on your mobile
With Spotify Premium, your MP3 collection can also be enjoyed on your phone. All you need is a Spotify-friendly mobile.


Syncing local files by WiFi
If you have Spotify Premium and you want to sync your MP3s from your computer to your phone, just connect your mobile to the same network as your desktop computer. Now add your MP3s to a Spotify playlist, then open Spotify on your mobile to sync them for your offline pleasure.



This still seems to be true with the new Android version, provided "your MP3 collection" originates on your computer and you import it into Spotify there first.

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Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Music Fan
‎2012-06-14 07:10 PM

wtf? this is one of the main reasons i have spotify. guess ill be cancelling. I was wondering if it was just me not being able to see my local files or have the local files from my computer sync to my phone. grr..that makes me very unappy

Re: Play "local files" on my mobile device

Garage Band
‎2012-06-14 09:36 PM

From what you are suggesting it appears that you may only be able to play synced songs on the mobile device if you are still on the same WiFi network as the desktop, but if you leave it, you can only play them if they are downloaded to the device storage space.


Again, I don't want to download. I have thousands of songs on my harddrive that i'd like to play from the Spotify client on the mobile device. I thought it would support that without having to save them to the device.


Please clarify