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Local Files

I'm trying to load some local files from my pc computer to be available on my mobile device, however after putting them in a playlist and making it available offline, nothing happens. My phone just says "Waiting to download" infinitely. Any ideas what the trouble could be, and solutions to go with them?

Thanks in advance, John.
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Hey @Joaker74! Welcome to the community ^^


That sounds not good.

Do you'Ve tried to reinstall your client ?

Here's a quick tutorial for a clean reinstallation.


I hope it helps you ^^


Hi there @Joaker74,

I'm also working with Local Files and experienced this,too.

I hope this will help you:

- Let Spotify on your Computer and on your phone open at the same time

- Make sure both devices are on the same local network


If there still is an issue then maybe your Firewall blocks Spotify to perfectly work with your local network! Are you on Windows?

I'll tell you more about it but first try this above, please;)


Keep Going!




No changes so far, they are on the same network. I am running windows vista, and I don't believe I have any firewalls running against spotify right now.

Well @Joaker74,

My advice to you is to restart the hole thing:

- Reinstall Spotify on your Pc

- Delete App Data in the Spotify App on your smartphone

  !You have to redownload all your Offline Stored Files!


First of all check this to make sure you have the right formats running.

Then click on the construction and do it step by step!


I hope it works for you now!




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