Local files grey/unplayable


Local files grey/unplayable


For the last few days I have not been able to download and play local files on my phone.

I have local files on my pc which I have placed in my playlists which I have downloaded on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) and it have been working until a few days ago. The local file songs downloaded cannot be played on my phone but all other "normal" songs can be played both on pc and on my phone.


I have read other threads and followed instructions without luck.

I have: Re-downloaded ALL my playlists in different qualites normal, high and extreme quality

I have re installed the app multiple times

I have removed all offline devices and added it back


I dont know how to fix this or what to do next 😞

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Re: Local files grey/unplayable

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Check that your home network still shows as "private" on your PC and that the firewall isn't getting in the way.