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Local files on LG G5

Local files on LG G5

I recently switched to the LG G5 and I downloaded spotify. I want to be able to listen to my local files from my computer on my phone, as I was able to do this without an issue on the LG G3. Will somebody please help me resolve this issue?
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You need to put them in a playlist first. Detailed guide here.

Im doing that but all its telling me in response is "waiting to download"

I know how to do it normally because it worked on my other phone, all I need to know is is this a fixable issue or do I need to give up because its a problem with the software on the app for the LG G5.

As long as your PC and mobile are on the same network, there shouldn't be a problem. Is it possible that a firewall or internet security programme is blocking access? If you can't resolve this, your other option is to switch on the mobile hotspot on your phone then connect your PC to this then try the sync again.

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