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Local files wont sync to android

Local files wont sync to android

I have tries all the recomended solutions 

- disable firewall + antivirus

- reinstall/reboot aplication

- turn on network sharing

- install older spotify version

but to no avail. I have a samsung galaxy s7 nougat which does show up in my devices on my desktop spotify but will not download a playlist of songs from my local files. The playlist is visible and the songs are listed but it is all greyed out forever on 'waiting to download'. Im almost positive nothing is wrong with phone because files synced easily on a friends pc on their wifi.

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"files synced easily on a friends pc on their wifi" must tell you something. Clearly something on your home network is blocking the local file download. If I were to make a guess, you have another internet security/firewall/antivirus running on your PC or your network is showing as "public" and not "private" in windows network and sharing centre.

Take a look at the other threads on local files for additional solutions.

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