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Lost ALL offline music after turning off phone.

Lost ALL offline music after turning off phone.

Samsung Galaxy SIII 4.1.2



Had over 20gb of music synced offline. Frequently turn my phone off when storing it in a locker etc. and never had a problem.


Today, I turn my phone back on and access Spotify to be presented with the 'log in' page. Strange, proceed to log in, playlists take a while to appear, seems none are synced offline.


Check SD card storage, 2gb/32gb used - other files (photos, podcasts, short videos) still present on card, only Spotify music has gone.


Check Spotify settings - 'Extreme' streaming and syncing has reverted back to 'Normal'. Oddly, 'Offline' mode is still enabled, and my EQ settings have been saved.


I place my head into my hands, disparing at yet another Spotify mishap. "It's not the end of the world" I tell myself, "Sure it's a pain to REDOWNLOAD 20gb of music, especially as I've done nothing to delete this music myself. But I'll just leave it overnight".

I proceed to wonder "Hey, what if I'd synced all that music with the intention of going on holiday with no wifi/data?". I ponder further...


"Well then, in that case Spotify would be about as much use as a rooster flavoured lolliop".


I laugh to myself, entertained despite my drive home now having no music to entertain me.

4 Replies

Exactly the same here on Samsung Galaxy S1 Plus.

Lost all my music and everytime i log in its lost again, dont know what they are doing with these updates.

Also everytime i start the app i have to log in. Problem is i dont have internet on my phone only at home with wlan.

So i download the music to listen it offline but have to do a online log in? makes sense...

Please help, thank you 🙂

Since the update I installed a week or two ago I've had a similar issue. Galaxy S3 for me and I was stoked to see the ability for it to download offline music to the sd card, but it would appear that if Spotify is running and the device reboots or powers off the sd card shows as corrupted. Narrowed it down by installing individual apps and running individual apps when rebooting. Hopefully there's a fix for this soon.

Same problem here. I tried to Google the problem to see if there was any fix or workaround. I have a Galaxy S3 with Android 4.1.2 and using an external memory.

@damianmr Did this happen after you installed the recent security update? If so, offline content would need to be redownloaded.!/article/downloading-android-update

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