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Lost downloaded and sync

Lost downloaded and sync

I updated my phone's firmware this morning and after the phone came back on, all of my spotify downloaded content had disappeared completely. I had to select and redownload/sync all of the playlists I had previously already chosen.


I am wondering if those old files are sitting on my phone somewhere clogging up space that could be used for something else and, if so, how to get rid of them.


I am also wondering what caused this to happen as I have updated my phone before without this problem. I am using an HTC Merge and this is really the first problem I have had with it in the year I've owned the phone.

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Spotify typically saves its cache here: /mnt/sdcard/Android/Data/

You can also do a search for


As to why it disappeared; I couldn't tell you, but I guess a firmware update could wipe some data in the process.

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thank you, I found the files. However, I have no way of knowing which ones might be duplicates because they are named with hash instead of anything recognizable. Will spotify clean up the duplicates on its own eventually?

Well, you could by date modified/created, but if you're really concerned about potentially "lost" space I'd suggest removing Spotify, clearing the cache, removing any remnants and then reinstalling completely "fresh" 🙂

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