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Track not available even though it is on my phone memory; Device not showing on desktop program

Track not available even though it is on my phone memory; Device not showing on desktop program

I added songs to my 'Starred' list from my computer's hard drive, as well as songs from Spotify's catalogue. I made the Starred playlist available offline, and the tracks from Spotify's catalogue are available but the tracks from my computer's hard drive aren't.


Next, I copied the files from my computer over to my phone and the songs are there as I checked using the RealPlayer app on my phone. However, when I went into the Spotify app the tracks were still not available to me.


I also see that my phone is not showing up on my desktop program but this is quite a frequent problem, even though my phone is currently connected via USB and even when it's not, it's on the Wi-fi network so there should be no reason for it not to show. As I said, this is a frequent occurrence as is the problem of the phone being in offline mode. I am frequently unable to access my online playlists because the app tells me I'm offline, which I'm not.


I checked my firewall and made sure that Spotify is a trusted application so that isn't the reason for the device not showing.


I have previously uninstalled the app and reinstalled, thereby having to go through the arduous process of syncing my playlists again. I have changed my password several times as advised, which is quite frankly absurd.


I love Spotify and think it one of the greatest inventions of our times but it is a horrendous app. There is no search function...still! I can't believe how much of a basic necessity it is to have that feature and after a major revamp it still hasn't been included when people have been crying out for it for a couple of years now - I had it on my old symbian OS before I changed to Android. It is also incredibly buggy. If I cannot find a viable solution to these problems, particularly the track availability one and 'am I online or offline' problem, then I will have to give serious consideration to stopping my subscription, which although my account is new with this email address, I did have a previous account which I had for a couple of years so I've been a very loyal customer. I'm just getting to the point where I feel like my £10 a month is being almost completely wasted. I may as well go and throw my money in the bin. Please please please, do something to restore my faith in this program.


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