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Lost playlist

Lost playlist

I have had a free account with Spotify for about the last 8 months. During that time, I created a playlist with over 250 songs. All was well until this afternoon. I usually just have to tap on my Spotify icon, and I'm taken to the last song in my list of shuffled tunes. But today, I was taken to an entirely new page that I was not familiar with. It advised me that I had to sign on using Facebook or using my other account, which I had never had set up. As near as I can tell, all of my songs are now gone. I have gone into the recover playlist option, and it just keeps telling me that there's some kind of problem. I'm very unhappy with this, as it took me months to set this up and it will be impossible for me to do the same all over again. Is this Spotify's way of forcing me to have a premium service? If so, it's a pretty lousy way to do it. I am very unhappy. I do not want to come back here and try to figure out what the answer is. Could someone please write to me at AntelopeCA It took me an hour just to figure out how to post something here. Thanks.
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Hello. It sounds like spotify logged you out for some reason (task killers such as clean master and some battery savers will cause this) and you logged back in using different credentials or maybe created a new account.


Don't panic, your playlist is safe on the servers so aqll we need to do is get you back into your original account. Can you remember what the sreen showed or explain what you mean by "other account" when you say "I had to sign on using Facebook or using my other account" as this sin't something I've ever seen.


Hopefully, someone with the power will remove your email address as it's a really bad idea to post this in an open forum.

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