Nexus 6P Sound Issues Marshmallow

Nexus 6P Sound Issues Marshmallow

I just recently purchased the Google Nexus 6P and have been having issues with the sound output for Spotify app on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It is very quiet when the audio cable is plugged into external speakers or my car stereo. I tested the phone itself by playing music on Pandora and other music apps and have no issues, so I know it is specific to the Spotify app. Furthermore, I can sometimes here the music jump to normal volume for a split second when I change songs, so I know that the app is dialing back the volume. The part that makes this problem hard to deal with is that the bass level does not get changed, so all of my music is overpowered by bass that is too strong. Any troubleshooting ideas would be greatly appreciated, since my phone is the primary way I listen to my music.

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Unfortunately not an answer here for you, but looking to get some more traction on this problem.  This is the exact issue I am facing, and am hoping that somebody out there does have an answer/solution!!!  Very annoying.  I have some Bose headphones that, when used through Spotify, are unable to drown out environmental noises when I wear them at work.

I am just happy that I am not the only one with this problem. Thank you for your support!

same problem 😞

I am really hoping to find a solution. I really like this phone. 😞

Is this problem come from Marshmallow or is this a bug with spotify app ?



Could you please tell me whether you have create multiple users on your smartphone. If the answer is yes, Is the problem appears only when your are logged in "User" (not in Owner) ?





This is definitely Android Bug

I do not have multiple users on my phone

why do you say that?


I had been multi-user feature enable on my phone.

By switching to owner. The OS finally let me see the alert message about
volume limit. Then I choose "OK"

Could you try to stop Spotify then change the volume with hard button
(headphones plugged in). the global volume menu appears.
Collapse the volume menu and then select media volume.
When Media volume is selected (highlighted in blue) then with hard button
only, go slowly to 0 to maximum volume.

Is the limit alert box appears ?

I made than multiple times for debugging but now the boundary has totally
disappears and I can destroy my ears without any limitations.


Same problem with the Pixel. (Essentially the Nexus). Bah. 

I think I may have figured it out. The volume is decreased when the equalizer is enabled. I have learned to deal with it, but turning it off in the spotify settings will restore the volume.

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