Lyric sync a bit too quickly on the android app (but not the desktop program)

Lyric sync a bit too quickly on the android app (but not the desktop program)







HUAWEI P smart 2019

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Android 10


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When looking at lyrics while playing playing a song, the sync of the lyrics is a bit too quick (about half a second to a second) when using the android app, whereas when I play the same song on the desktop client, the lyrics sync lines up correctly. The Spotify version of the Android phone is .

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Hi @Arikabeth,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


The way that lyrics are synced are determined by the song's vocals. If what you're seeing is different, please share with us a video showing what you see on the mobile app, this way we can take a closer look at the issue.


Also, let us know if this happens with every song you play or only with certain ones.


Keep us posted.

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Actually I think I figured out out, it was mostly just an issue with the syncing getting out of sync if I tested starting a song through spotify connect before swapping which caused the reverse-lag. When I swapped devices so the device showing the lyrics had not been connected through spotify conenct when the song started, the sync turned out all right. Spotify connect induces reverse-lag to the lyrics both directions if listening through an android app from the desktop app, or if listening through the desktop app through an android app.


That really proves it's a Spotify app bug, not a problem on your end. Spotify should not be prone to problems like this.

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