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Android app is extremely slow

Android app is extremely slow


First of all, yes I know there are threads like this  but I've tried the solutions and nothing worked.


Installed the app on new phone, everything is super slow, just like on my old phone. I tried everything I've seen on other threads. Reinstalling, deleting cache, removing external sd card, disabling battery saver, restarting phone, nothing worked. Just want to listen to an audiobook before sleeping, but now I wasted an hour trying to get the app to load anything. I mean I could let it load for 10 minutes and it would probably be there, but ffs that can't be the only way. As stated, I had the problem on my old phone, which had very little storage space and was already 5 years old, so I thought that was the reason. But now the issue is back. On pc everything works fine. Just the mobile app is slow af









Samsung A12


Operating System



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Hey @lulZghost,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


Sorry to hear that your Android app is running so slow. We'll do our best to help out.


Since this issue was present on 2 phones, it might be related to your network or account.


Can you let us know if the app loads slowly both on WiFi and on mobile data?


You can also create a free account for test purposes and check if everything works better on that one. Sometimes if you have thousands of songs and albums in your library, the app might slow down, trying to synchronize your account with the servers.


Keep us posted on how you get on.


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[removed because duplicated reply]


Mobile internet didn't work.

But a new account solved it. So it seems that the issue is indeed my large library. For loading the library tab itself it's not surprising then, but it seems a little badly optimized, if my library size impacts the speed in which albums and artist pages / discographies are loaded when clicked on.

So I need to delete liked songs or playlists for the issue to resolve?


Hi there @lulZghost,


Thank you for your reply and for the troubleshooting you've done.


First we suggest that you transfer your music from the old account to your new one to see if the issue persists. There's a guide for how to do that here.


Let us know how everything works after 🙂

Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂



I have the same problem, but it only started after doing a clean reinstall with this guide and then several reinstalls:
I reinstalled several times, trying to get rid of two other spotify bugs (playing bar missing and disappearing album art).

Now the app is almost unusable, taking minutes just to show the home screen or the contents of an album. If this was due to my library size, the problem should have slowly grown. Instead, it suddenly appeared after a reinstall. Since then, I tried several things like deleteding cache and/or data, reinstalling, restarting the phone before and/or after installation. Each of those I tried multiple times, but the problem remains.

Desktop app works fine.
Any help would be appreciated, otherwise I will try to install an old version of the app.


Just to test, I created a free account after another reinstall and with the new account the load times are back to normal.
However, that does not help me at all, since I need my subscription account with my library, history, playlist editing permissions etc.
Again, if this is a problem with library size, I am surprised why it came so suddenly and as luZghost correctly stated, my library shouldn't be loaded every single time I click on anything in the app that doesn't even have to do with the library.
This is a really frustrating bug because it makes the app unusable.


Hi there @kaeptnsema,


Thanks for the post.


Sorry to hear that you're having such issues with the mobile app.


Regarding the issue with the playing bar missing - this is currently being investigated by the right folks at Spotify. You can keep up to date on that one here, make sure you add your +Vote and subscribe to the thread to get notifications.


If the Library on your main account exceeds 10, 000+ items, this may very well be causing the slow loading on some phones. This is because your library is synching in real time if you're online. Something else that could be making the app slow is the lack of storage on your phone's internal memory and the SD card, so you can check if you have enough available space.


If the new account works fine and everything loads, including album covers, I'd recommend using it for a few days just to make sure that the issues won't arise again and then you might consider transferring you library over to the new account, following this guide.

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I solved it.

(In my case) the problem was that the storage was set to external SD card, which seems to be the default setting for some reason. I guess my SD card is too slow, so I switched to internal storage and now the app is not slow anymore.

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