Mac - Android online/offline problem


Mac - Android online/offline problem


I have a Mac which works flawlessly with spotify and a Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket that shows all songs but only about 5% of the songs EVERYWHERE will it let me listen to. i tried plugging my phone into the computer and it started "downloading" the songs but then stopped 16% of the way through for some reason and won't start back up. i Don't know if it has anything to do with it, but i also can't figure out how to get "online" so i'm always "offline" right now.


Any help is much appreciated,


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Re: Mac - Android online/offline problem

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Hi there,

have you tried following the steps in PerBonomi's sticky thread at the top of this forum? See here:

If none of the steps in the first post work, then post back with a detailed description using the template in that same thread ...

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