Major Differences Between Desktop and Android Playlists


Major Differences Between Desktop and Android Playlists

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I was going to use the contact form like I did last time but since there's a message about technical issues I figured I'd just post for the moment in the event it's a part of the problem.


A few months ago I went through an ordeal with switching my facebook accounts and synching my spotify to the new one and it was a whole mess where my playlists got messed up and I was glad when they were restored. However in restoring them all my playlists were duplicated several times (the entire list in the order I'd played them at least 4 times). Finally I had time and patience and sat down and cleaned them up. They basically were all set like I was subscribed/following playlists created by my own account (every one of them was followed with the words 'by 1227304198'). So I scrolled down far enough until I found a list of my playlists that had none of that trailing 'by 1227304198' business and made sure all of those were intact before I deleted the many duplicates.


I go to check that everything's golden on my phone only to discover I have maybe a fraction of my playlists appearing there anymore. At one point they all showed and now it's a select few and some of those are duplicated. 95% of my playlists are comprised of stuff I stream and not local files and none of those are appearing. Then, oddly enough, I have one folder that's nested twice and has all those 'by 1227304198' playlists in them since I'd chucked them all in one folder on my desktop and deleted the folder (aptly named 'Marked for Deletion').


Is this discrepancy between desktop and Android related to the issues? If I give it time will it straighten out on its own? I already deleted and reinstalled everything on my phone and nothing's changed (including the stuff that's deleted on the desktop; it all still shows up on the phone like nothing's wrong). Which is good in the meantime because at least I can listen to them but I would much prefer everything be neat and organized as I had it and I'd hate to have to wait on another ticket to have everything restored again.


I can't even restore playlists via the website either because none of those playlists (and there were many many) even show up on the list.


Any suggestions?