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Make a Playlist off all MY SONGS --- HELP

Make a Playlist off all MY SONGS --- HELP

Hi, I'd been using spotify for a couple of months now, listening to different radios, and adding songs with the "+" ... and they got added ok to MY SONGS ... but I cannot share that ... is there a way to make a playlist of all my songs at once, without having to do one by one?



2 Replies

Hello @justtrin,


Yes there is an easy way to add all of your songs at once to a playlist. Hold shift and left click the top song in your songs list. While still holding shifting scroll down to the bottom of the songs list and right clicking the final song and then click add to playlist and then it will add all the songs to a certain playlist. 


Then you will be able to share that playlist.


Hope this helps.


Likes are appreciated.


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Yes there is. It's easy. First create a new playlist (name it whatever you like). Then go into the Songs playlist and select them all (select the first one song, hold shift and scroll down and select the last one), right mouse click and select "Add to Playlist" and choose the playlist you just created. This will move them all over into a playlist you have control over. But just know that as you add new songs to your "Songs" folder by using the "+", you will also have to move them over into your created folder as well. This will not happen automoatically. 

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