Make the app more album-listening friendly.


Make the app more album-listening friendly.

Casual Listener

So I reported the concept of making the app more album-friendly as an idea, and it was closed prematurely with the following response:



When you've started the song from an album you can always go back to that album by clicking:


on Android => The top bar where it say what you're playing




My suggestion was regarding how poor of an experience it is to listen to albums. When you are outside of the app and click on the title in the notification window to re-enter the app, you are taken to a song card. I NEVER want the song card. I explained that a toggle for theis view would improve the UX. When I click on the song that is playing, I expect to be taken back to the ALBUM that is playing, not a song card which I have to collapse by clicking on the title at the top.


Furthermore, when I go to an artist in my library, first and foremost, I want to see a list of the albums I have saved. Not an album followed by all of their songs followed by another album. That's a lot of scrolling to find the album that I want.


Additionally, the app really seems to push shuffle. There is a huge button on every album. I NEVER want to shuffle an album. That button should be PLAY for albums. It has also occurred several  times that my shuffle was automatically enabled without ever enabling it. I've never intentionally clicked the shuffle button, but on more than one occasion, it was enabled.


Overall, the experience of listening to albums is extremely poor and some small adjustments can make the experience a lot better.