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Marantz 1605 sudden disconnect after 2 sec song play


Marantz 1605 sudden disconnect after 2 sec song play

Sudden this weekend Marantz 1605 cannot play songs selected from my Asus android 5.0.1.

Was working always fine, but now Marantz connect, start the song for 2 seconds and strean stops. Guess it crashes when try to load cover from Spotify.

It tells " connecting..." then disconnect completely. Screen goes black as if spotify app on marantz shutdown.

Tried on different tabs, but looks like some spotify server issue.

Marantz is latest sw ver.


Tested with my PS4 and that works ok, so what goes wrong on spotify side?


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Problem has been fixed! Works fine now! I have tested Macbook and iPhone with Marantz 1605 =D

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I have same kind of problem. If i try to play music with Spotify Connect through Marantz with my iOS-devices (iphone, mackbook, ipad) or wife´s samsung galaxy, songs starts to play but after couple of seconds marantz notifies "no network connection after that starts connecting...please wait...assigning..."


Internet radio, airplay works fine with marantz.

I have the same problem on my 1605. Have you figured out a solution?

Noup! I put the Marantz to factory settings and it didn't help either. Problem must be from spotify not in our network.

Same problem to me with the Denon AVR-7200WA. The music plays 1 second then network connection is disconnected and the music stops.

Thanks for letting us know. If I find a solution I'll let you know right away! 

Same on Denon AVR-X4100W...

I contacted spotify support they told to do next: Thanks for reaching out. We`ll be glad to help you enjoy your Spotify.

Please try a quick Spotify reinstall. Just follow this link and choose the device on which you`d like to reinstall your Spotify. Then, connect your Spotify through your device again.

We hope this should do the trick. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Didnt help for me, have u tried it yet?

Tried it without success...

Same problem with a Marantz NA6005

Same problem with marantz na8005, reinstalation did not solve it.

Same problem with SR6009

Yes, default helpdesk reading script answer 🙂
Its a server issue as app. Works fine, as AV connect direct to server its just a server side issue.
PS4 works, but sound is so poor from it, probably different and low bw server, you can better listen by headset connected to hour phone or tablet

Same issue with SR5009.


Setting up fixed IP address & gateway, netmask & DNS didn't help - the device still disconnects from the LAN after I try to use Spotify Connect.

Same problem here with Marantz NR1605.


same problem on my DENON AVR-x2000. Everything was worknng fine since several month, and I face this issue with spotifx connect since a couple of days. I tried with severql source (Mac book Air, ipad air, 2 different iphones).


Any time I sent the music to the amplifier, the music stops after 2 seconds. This is sad!


the software of my denon amplifier is uptodate. All spotify applications are also uptodate on the different devices I am using. 


PLease, spotify support, do something to restore the previous situation!

Typical helpdesk answer, as Marantz connect by itself to Spotify. The app on phone or tablet acks as remote. Nothing related to the streaming to your AV. 


I called  audio shop were i bought  na8005. They said that they  had  calls yestarday regarding  this problem from a number of users   . It seems to be more general .

Pls spotify fax it up asap 

New advice from Spotify support: If re-installing your Spotify didn`t fix it, could you please reset your router and also check your router settings. Then, try to connect your Spotify through Marantz again".

Did not help?

I think the problem is with the Marantz. I installed Spotify on my laptop and it worked correctly from the tablet and Marantz continued failing.

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