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Message doesn't appear

Message doesn't appear

Hi there,
when I click on the menu sign, on the bottom appears my picture, name, settings and a bell with a blue dot (which means that I have a message in my inbox). But when I click on the bell my inbox appears empty...did this ever happened to anyone?
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Hey @claudishavi!


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community. We'd like to help. 


Can you let us know what device, operating system, and Spotify version you’re rocking? It'd be also a great help if you could send us a screenshot of the blue dot you're seeing. We'll check and see what we can suggest. 


Let us know if you have any other questions. We'll be here for you 🙂 



Hi Sophia,
thanks for your reply.
My device is a Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-930F
Android version: 6.0.1
Spotify version: armV7

Please, find attached a screenshot of the blue dot on the bell from the inbox. disappeared for a few days and appeared back again.

Thanks and best regards,
Claudia Glogowski

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