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Method to convert cached into offline available music

Method to convert cached into offline available music







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I have checked related topics and ideas and it seems there is no way yet to play music directly from the local offline cache, when for example one is on-transit and would like to avoid consuming mobile data.

I have several GBs of content cached already by spotify on my mobile, which I'm sure already contains the musics I listen too more. Seems quite pointless to explicitly download the musics in my Library and my favourite playlists for offline playback when my favourite musics are likely already available in the offline cache.

I know this is probably a bit farfetched, but does anyone came up with a method to actually convert the cached music into available offline one? Are they even stored separately? I suspect it isn't as easy as to copy/move the content from one location to the other. Just wondering if anyone has gone through this path before.



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Hey @PauloJMF.


Right now, music downloaded from the Spotify app to use offline, is encrypted and can't be used on other media players. This is part of the Spotify End User Agreement.


However, if you've already downloaded the playlists to use offline, you can listen to them anytime without an internet connection. You can find all the info on how to use Spotify Offline here.


All the best.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

Hey @Alfredo,


thanks for your response. Nice quote in the signature btw. 😉


I'm aware that I can download music to listen offline. My point was that I had already a  reasonably sized spotify cache and it's very likely that the songs in my library were already cached because I listen them all the time. Same applies to a few playlists.


At the end what I would like to avoid is the explicit download from spotify servers of all the musics that were already cached. Apparently it doesn't work this way.


I actually did a couple of tests in my mobile in a Windows 10  Desktop, and the storage consumed by Spotify kept increasing when I downloaded the songs in my library. I'd say there is no reusage of cached content whatsoever. It's like downloaded songs are kept separated somehow from cached songs (from regular online listening).


Can you please confirm this the case and what are their respective locations?


I'm not after using the musics on other media players. Just avoiding duplicating music downloads and storage, by effectly reusing the devices's cache content.


Thanks & Kind Regards



No trouble at all!


Right now, there isn't a way to reutilize the cached memory of a song or playlist as the downloaded version.


As soon as you activate the option to download a playlist, the app will save it as a new file on your cache. However, if you use Spotify in Offline Mode, the songs you download to one playlist can also be found as downloaded in your Songs, or other playlists, so they'll play automatically.



“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

Thank You Alfredo.

There are some related ideas submitted. Unfortunately they don't get enough
votes to move to the next stage.

Is there any place where one can confirm the actual location of both the
downloaded and cached music files? Are they supposed to share the same

I'm asking this because I can see 2 distinct locations in the Windows


while on Android a single location seems to be used:


this is the only location with the protected music files located in the
typical 2 hexadecimal digits named folders.

Is it correct to assume that in the Windows Desktop case, downloaded music
goes to the "Data" folder and cached music to "Storage" and in the Android
case they share the same location?

Thanks and Kind Regards

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