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[Mobile][Browse] Bring back the old home page view

[Mobile][Browse] Bring back the old home page view

Recently my android mobile app home page format has changed, and now each suggestion category only has one artist or Playlist, instead of many which I used to be able to scroll through by swiping left/right. This has greatly limited the total number of suggestions on my home screen, and made it more difficult to access things I am looking for, like discover weekly, release radar, daily playlists, radio stations based on your recent artists, etc. I much prefer the "old" homepage, which I had up until maybe mid-April. There are still six suggestions at the top of the page, which seem to be things I've recently listened to. This I don't mind, and the old version had this as well.


Partially related comment: the top suggestion is not only something I've never listened to, but is also likely not based on my listening history. Why this is at the top, and why I there is not an option to "see less like this" or "dismiss" it, or something similar, I do not know... 

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This exact same thing is happening to me!! I was coming here to post a message just like this.

Some things I've tried to troubleshoot:
1) Clear cache and data, delete app, reboot phone, install app
2) Resize the app
3) View in landscape mode

Nothing seems to work.

I did sign in to the app with a different Spotify account, and the view went back to normal. Then, I signed back in with my usual Spotify account, and the view is broken again.

Spotify, please help!! 

I am on iOS and have discovered the same horrible home page. Ditto to your complaints. Give me back the previous Home Screen!!! This sucks!!

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