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More problem with this Spotify 'Connect'.

More problem with this Spotify 'Connect'.

Since Spotify Connect I'm having trouble not just with the drain battery thing.

When I listen Spotify on my PC, after a few songs, it suddenly stops, no more music. And when I push 'Play' again to continue, it continues... but with the last song I was listening to on my Android Phone!!

Does anyone have this same problem?



3 Replies

Hey @InnuendoX3 and welcome to the community!

Have a look at the following suggestion of our Ideas Exchange. You might be interested in this, as it would solve your problem if implemented: [Spotify Connect] Don’t automatically synchronize what I am playing across devices
Please leave you kudos/comments there to support the idea! 🙂

Spotify ... you better listen to the PAYING CUSTOMORS .... WE DONT WANT CONNECT ...

I have the same problem.  You will find lots of complains about Spotify Connect, but there does not seem to be any response or fix from Spotify.  In the meantime, enable "offline mode" in your Android app while you listen on your desktop and disable it when you're done.  I can't believe we have to resort to a workaround like that, but there's not much choice.  Please contact Spotify support to let them know your not satisfied.  Maybe they will listen if enough people contact them.

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