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Moving Spotify to SD card STILL not working on Galaxy s5

Moving Spotify to SD card STILL not working on Galaxy s5

Hi there, 

I've seen and tried a variety of tricks to get my spotify to save on my external SD card (for Galaxy s5), to no avail. I am about to start a cross country road trip and need to have my music saved. Even when I clean delete and reinstall the app, I still don't have the option to move to SD card (from applications settings). I even tried looking for the folders in my folder navigation to delete them per another forums tips, but that didn't work either. 


Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you! 

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Just reinstall app when big external card in, it should install itself automatically here.

I tried this-- didn't work 😞 Even rebooted and re-installed SD card, still to no avail.

Hi there! The best course of action here would be to try a clean reinstallation of the application.

Give this a shot and let us know if it works. Cheers!

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Don't be fooled by what the Android App Info screen is showing you. What you want to do is see if you have a folder on your sd card: /Android/data/


If that's OK then make a note of how much storage you have on your ext_sd then make some playlists offline. Re-check your storage space and hopefully it'll have shrunk.



FYI - a tip is to make sure you set download quality to 'extreme'.

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I can get the music to download and say it's synced but then when the spotify app gets closed for any reason all my music gets desynced, flips me back online from offline and starts downloading music again when I don't tell it to which caused massive data usage and a possible pricey battle with verizon. I have an s5 with a new external SD and have tried all the tricks on these threads. It's also a new version of the s5 downloaded this week.

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