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Music Randomly Pausing

Music Randomly Pausing


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(Samsung Galaxy S9+)

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(Android 9)


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Music randomly pausing every 10-30ish seconds after the screen locks, and resumes after another 10-30ish seconds or if any button on the phone is pressed (Even volume buttons). Happens very erratically, some days not at all, others frequently.
I've scrolled through dozens of other community support posts and there are plenty of other users having the exact same issue, and they are all Samsung Galaxy 8, 9 or 10 users so it seems like a recent Android update issue. Every post is replied with the same 'Reinstall Spotify, clear cache and logout everywhere, allow all permissions and disable battery optimization.' Most seem to have tried with no success, same as myself.

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Hey! If you're experiencing a playback issue with the Android app, it's suggested you create a separate thread in the Android help board here.


Make sure to provide a detailed description of the exact issue you're experiencing (e.g. if playback is pausing at regular intervals) to help us narrow down the issue and its symptoms.

Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂

That's exactly what this post is?

Hi @Cainos,


Thanks for telling us what you have done so far. Sorry to hear the given steps didn't work.


Just so you know, the reason because of which Spotify stops playing when the screen is locked is because Spotify is restricted to play in the background. To enable this, please check out the instructions for your specific device here.


Please let us know if that helps 🙂

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