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Recently Added Sort option sorts album tracks in reverse order

Recently Added Sort option sorts album tracks in reverse order


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I encounter the following bug:


I sort a playlist by Recently Added and this will generally sort by Album - Newest Added to Oldest and then the tracks within the albums by first to last (eg. 1-10). However, when I play something not in the playlist and then go back to the playlist , the album tracks are sorted from last to first (eg. 10-1)


I can fix this by choosing another Sort option in the playlist and then selecting Recently Added again. However, this is very tedious to do every time I change what playlist I'm listening to.









Nokia 7.1


Operating System

Android 9




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Having the same issue.

To guys from spotify: when I am adding album to playlist, i am doing it in one chunk(from my, customer, perspective). So when i have playlist sorted by "recently added" i would expect the original i.e. album order of songs inside one album, since it was added with the same "add" click.

Clearly, underneath you have per-song function of adding songs from album to playlist. (Hence reverse order). But it should not be visible to customer. Its bad design and bad user experience. Actiually it must be considered ux bug.

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