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Music controls missing on Android 4.2

Music controls missing on Android 4.2

I've just updated my Nexus 7 to Android 4.2, and the music controls are now missing from the lock screen if Spotify is playing. I'd imagine this is due to the fact that Google have changed the way that Spotify music controls work on 4.2 (perhaps Spotify now needs to present their own music controls, rather than use the inbuilt ones?)


Either way, I use Spotify a lot on my tablet, and the lack of the ability to change tracks / pause music is a definite drawback to using Spotify now.

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I can verify this with my Andorid 4.2 Nexus 7.


PS: expandable Notifications with controls would also be a good idea for spotify in the mean time 😉

Is that an OTA upgrade from Google? I shall have to go check mine.

Jay16K - The crazy thing is that Spotify was one of the apps that Google showcased with Notification controls when they launched 4.1 ... and we still don't have them in the release version!
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Licenced - it was the OTA release, but I'd manually flashed the update on to my N7.

Strangely, once I rebooted it a few times, the music controls do now appear on the lock screen. Maybe it was just settling in or something...?

I agree with Jay16K, expandable notifications with controls would be good 🙂

I too miss the lock screen controls dearly on my Galaxy Nexus 4.2. Please fix, they are really useful.


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