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Music cutting out during a call.

Music cutting out during a call.






Samsung Galaxy S10

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Android 9


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When using the Spotify App I am experiencing issues with the music cutting out during a phone call. I have my music playing the background when on a phone call. The music is not pausing, as I can see the playback bar moving. The music will go very quiet or stop playing for a few seconds whilst the timeline still progresses. This has occurred using two apps for phone calls, Facebook Messenger and Discord. Both experience this issue. I know this isn't down to a WiFi issue as I have the music downloaded for Offline Listening and had the app switched to offline mode. I also tried streaming the music whilst on WiFi and still had the same issue. The app is downloaded onto the system storage and not a SD card. 


I have tried a clean install of the App like has been suggested in other posts. I have also tried changing the power settings.


None of this has worked, and this is becoming incredibly frustrating. I did not have this problem on my iPhone 6s. I have also been subscribed to Spotify premium for a long time and I would rather not have to switch over to Deezer, Amazon Music, or one of the many other music streaming platforms. Can someone please assist with this? 

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Hey @kiery512,


Thanks for voicing this out and describing what you have done so far to fix it! Sorry for the belated reply.


If you still have this issue, we'd advise you to try resetting the permissions for Spotify in your phone settings. You can do this by going to Settings>Apps>Spotify>Permissions. Turn them off and exit Settings. Then go back and turn them all on again.


Please let us know if that helped 🙂

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