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Music deleted again

Music deleted again

I have lost all my music again. 7 times this has happened. Last time time I made a post got no reply. Has happened on my old phone and new. Both Samsung. Happens while listening off line. Music stops and all songs gone. There are no battery savers or apps like that on my phone. Can someone please help with this issue. Is it on my end or Spotify end. How can I prevent this. Why does this happen. I have reinstalled app and gone thew some troubleshooting from this site and nothing makes a difference. Again please help.
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Sorry 8 times. The music I wasted data on last night is already deleted this morning. I received a link at one point showing my device listed more than once in the Spotify system so deleted all devices. Was told if 1 device listed more than once will cause this issue. Why is this an issue. Why does my single device continue to be listed more than once. How can I prevent this. Is this the issue. I have done all trouble shooting listed for android phones.

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