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Where did my music go?

Where did my music go?

Ok so I have Spotify on my Android phone and my Windows computer. I download all music to my phone and don't even bother with the laptop. Suddenly, my music vanished out of my library. I looked up one of the songs I had saved. "Country Song" by Seether. On the search, it said that it was saved to my library, even though it doesn't appear in my library. I tried flipping the download switch off and back on again, but after I turned it off, it neglected to turn back on. So now I am devoid of easily 2500 tracks, and no way to get around this. By the way, on my computer, all my songs still appear in my library, but my phone is another matter. Should I try to delete the app and re-purchase it?

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I have had this problem with Spotify for months. With my previous phone and my upgraded phone. I've posted the issue in the forum a few times and never got a response. I'm considering the competition at this point.

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