Music download

Music download







Galaxy S9 plus

Operating System

Android Pie, OneUI Version (still Beta, because Samsung Update over the Air wasn't possible by now)


My Question or Issue

I am using the newest Spotify version from Google Play Store. Also I am sorry for my bad English 😄


I just want to download my music/playlists/albums for offline usage to my external SD-card.

My problem now is, that Spotify seems like it won't remember my plan.

Every time I restart my phone or also when it is running for days, it changes the download path to my internal storage and I have to change it by my own and sometimes I have to download the music again. Sometimes I also have to login again


I can't figure it out if this is a problem with the OS or with spotify

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I'm having exactly the same problem with the same phone, except I'm on official Pie.

Choosing external card for offline download, and after a restart,the app starts downloading all the music to local storage because it automatically changed the download location.

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