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Music downloads

Every 2 days the music i have downloaded to where i can listen offline dissappears and becomes un-downloaded. This just recently started happening the past couple weeks and have no idea why. Im getting tired of searching for everything again and downloading over and over. Any ideas?
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I'm having the same problem. My downloaded albums are there and then a couple days later the are not downloaded anymore. What could be causing this!?

Im glad im not the only one, although sorry its happening to you as well. Ive gone through all my app and phone settings and dont see anything strange. And for the first 3 months or so of having spotify it never happened then just recently it started. Its driving me crazy. Ive asked all my friends and nobody has ever heard of this problem. Im at a loss.

This has to be a glitch of some kind, because this just happened to me tonight. And my wifi isnt the best so its taking forever to redowload all my songs. Is there a way we can make spotify aware of this?

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