Music freezes


Music freezes

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Samsung Galaxy S6


Operating System

Android 7.0


For two months, it happens every day that after listening to 3 or 4 songs, the music stops after 9-10 seconds. It is frustrating since then I have no way to listen to something before a few hours even if I close and reopen the app. I pay for spotify and I can't use it. I tried to uninstall the app and put it back. But nothing has changed.


Is anyone in my situation?


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Re: Music freezes


Did you try to download the songs to your mobile storage?

Re: Music freezes

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I have a lot of playlists... I don't have think to download it... I can try but is not ever the same song that freezes. So, which one should I download?

Re: Music freezes


Hey @iuxmat.


Thanks for getting back.


You could try to download any of your playlists. If a downloaded playlist works fine, it could mean that something preventing you from streaming. Connectivity issues, a battery saver or perhaps Spotify doesn't have enough permissions to run in the background.


We understand you've done a reinstallation already but we'd like to provide you the instructions so you can take a look if you haven't forgotten a perhaps crutial steps.


Also, if you have the chance, could you try it on 3G/4G and on WiFi and let us know if it works on one of these networks? You could also try to stream without having your screen go out as that could tell us a bit more about what is going on.


Let us know what you can find. Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day!

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Re: Music freezes

Music Fan

Hi @Guido 

Nothing to do. I have follow your manual but I had already done. I don0t think to have connection problems since all other apps works even when music on spotify freezes. Just now I have done a test. Reinstall all, play music, listen 3 / 4 songs and now it stopped after 9 seconds...

Now, even if I close and reopen app, that specificaly song, doesn't start, it is stops at 9 seconds. So, to listen something I need to skip ahead until I find a song that works.


But it's not a this song's problem specificaly since other times this songs works.


This problem is fairly recent. He started a couple of months ago and is now more and more frequent. Initially it occurs once a week, now, every day and continuously.


I have also exclude app from battery saving.


All the tests I'm doing are in 4g. Even if it worked in wifi, it would be a useless service as I want to use it when I'm not at home