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Song pause while screen is locked.

Song pause while screen is locked.






Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 

Operating System

 Android Pie


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Sometimes when screen locks, music will pause randomly and continue randomly again.

someitmes it will also pause and continue once i unlock the screen.

its driving me Nuts, cannot listen to music this way.
Please help


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Hello Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Try this!


Go to android Settings > Device maintenance > battery  > battery usage > optimize battery usage > show all apps > Don't optimize for Spotify.

Close Spotify & Restart your phone


Keep us updated!


Tried it now, I do recall that my phone at some point had a "problem" with Spotify asking to optimize battery usage.

Hopefully this is it.

Thank you for your help

I am also experiencing this issue - exactly as described.


When the screen is locked, the music will pause then a few seconds later continue again. Resuming play can be forced by unlocking the screen.


I am using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Pie


Spotiy version


Currently my only workaround is to turn screen timeout off.


I have this using bluetooth earphones (Jaybird x4). The only other time I use spotify on mobile is using Android Auto. The issue does not appear to occur in Android Auto.

The guy above gave the solution, has something to do with battery optimization that you need to check off Spotify.

Yeah, I saw this. The mentioned menu items are not in my OS (that I can find). I cannot see a way to check off battery optimisation for spotify

It was different for me as well, go to device care and check around there, see where you can optimize apps battery usage or something like that,

Hello Pieter,


I'm positive the issue is because of the battery optimization feature and the "doze mode" Samsung has. Try looking around the settings menu to find battery related options.

Galaxy note 8, Android Pie.

I found it somewhere in device care under battery.

i am having the same issue with my Galaxy s10 but with mine the music wont start again untill i wake the screen of unlock the phone

can someone please suggest a fix

just search battery optimization and turn off spotify it will fix this issue thank the dude up top who posted I had the same issue with my s10+


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