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Music interrupts then resume on its own

Music interrupts then resume on its own

Hi, I have an issue that whenever I turn my screen off and the Spotify app is in the background, will stop on it's own, like the music gets suspended, but whenever I touch the volume up/down or wake the screen even before entering my password, I can notice the widget is not even on pause and music resumes playing like nothing happened (I don't have to press the play button which is not a play button but a pause button like when you listen to music while it is playing). I have disabled the Lock Screen Cleanup feature for Spotify (it is even displaying Spotify [Don't close], with switch off). I am working for a cellphone carrier so I am pretty aware about all the crappy apps that pretend to cleanup your so slow phone, while they make it worse, undercover. So, I never install any of them, so literally disabling the Lock Screen Cleanup from my phone's settings is the only thing I can "turn off" to not close an app after screen is lock. I have a Huawei Nova Plus running Android 7.0.  And Spotify is updated to the latest version. I have done a lot of research but I always stumble upon issues where music gets paused, but in my case the music is not even stopped, it's like if spotify is hanging on the song waiting for screen to turn, and resume on its own.

Please, I really hope someone can understand my issue and help me. If anything is unclear, ask for specification, I will address them.

Thank you in advance,



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Hey @cram2208!


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


This seems to be related to the power saving settings of your phone. Could you try disabling power saving mode or adding Spotify as an exception from your phone's settings? To get there: 

  • 1.Touch Settings.
  • 2.Scroll to and touch Advanced settings.
  • 3.Touch Battery manager.
  • 4.Touch Power plan.

Let us know if this does the trick.

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