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Music keeps stopping

Music keeps stopping







Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System



Playback keeps stopping, usually it just pauses randomly in the middle of a song and won't start again until I open the app and press play (the play button shows the pause icon). Other times it stops after a single song, and automatically starts playing the next song if I open the app but don't do anything else.


I've tried changing settings that other people have suggested, like power saving / non power saving, but I think this is related to the maximum downloads limit. The download limit message is always visible when I unlock my phone to resume playback, and the problem doesn't happen if I delete all my downloaded tracks.


But... It still happens when I switch off my data connection and run Spotify in Offline mode. The only way to get uninterrupted playback is to purge my music and stay in places with good 4G signal. Not really compatible with playing music while camping.

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