Music removed

Music removed

I always download all my music ONLY ON MY SMARTPHONE to listen it offline and I want to know WHY it was entirely removed FOR THE THIRD TIME.
I received a warning about something that I have 3 downloads or accounts on my own account but I'M THE ONLY WHO USE IT.

Why all my downloaded music is randomly removed???
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Why did you feel the need to CAPITALISE PARTS OF YOUR POST. It 's childish and makes it harder to read.

If you check the offline devices listed on this page, you'll probably find the same device listed multiple times. To fix it, click the button to remove all devices then redownload the music you want to listen to offline. It's worth keeping an eye on that page to avoid the same problem in future.

There are several possible causes for spotify identifying a device as a new one. The most common cause is if you store the spotify cache on an external SD card which is unmounted then remounted for any reason. This can happen due to a hardware fault or if you remove the card yourself. I've also seen reports that connecting an android device to a PC to transfer files can trigger this.

Let me know if you have any questions and please, no more all caps.

Because I have a 2MB Internet and downloading all 1.200 songs takes nearly HALF a day to do it. And I'm not the only who use it, 4 more people use at the same time.
So, unlike you all, I have a crappy Internet and I'm tired of dealing with random playlists removal.

Anyway, thanks for it. But nothing changes that every time it happens, it makes me REALLY mad.

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