Music saved on internal storage AND SD card


Music saved on internal storage AND SD card

Hi I got Moto G 4g (android 4.4) 8gb of internal memory and 32gb in the SD one. I can't understand why but my spotify when it downloads my music, during the download I see the storage gets busy in both of memory slots. It seems that it's saving music twice (in internal memory and in sd card). Is that normal? Did anybody have the same problem? I follow all the steps for make save music in the sd but looks that it didn't work completely.
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Spotify should save to the largest available memory, assuming that's the SD card, that should save here. It's not ideal but could you un-sync your offline devices over here.


Once unsynced, delete Spotify and all its files from the device and perform a clean reinstall. Instructions can be found here! How's that help out?



I have the same problem.

I have tried un-syncing my offline devices and then deleting Spotify and then reinstalling but all my music still saves to be phone memory instead of my SD card.

The about 30GB free on the SD card and only have about 2 GB free on my phone memory

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Please read the guide linked below for details on the most common issues and how to fix them. I give some tips on how to get data onto the SD card... tips like choosing 'Extreme' quality etc.

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