Music still stops playing randomly

Music still stops playing randomly

First of all, I would like to complain about how difficult it is to contact Spotify directly, I mean, having the community as the only way is bad customer support.


The problem is described here:

They closed the status in 2014, but never fixed it. My girlfriend even bought Premium hoping it might solve the problem, as it wouldn't be a surprise if they intentionally stopped the music for free users (they lower sound quality, play way too loud commercials, I'm sure they could think of any way to force people to pay).


We're still having the problem on OnePlus 2 (Android 6.0.1, OOS 3.5.8) and OnePlus 3T (Android 7.1.1, OOS 4.1.3) and on a Windows 10 computer.

The problem is that music stops playing at random, sometimes stopped for a minute, sometimes for five, and sometimes it's just as if someone pressed the pause button, which requires us to press the play button to resume music.


Please fix this and don't let us down for paying for premium.

I apologise for any non-Spotify employee having to read this, this is not directed towards the community, but towards Spotify.

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I am running Ubuntu on my computer and it is having the same problems with the free version of Spotify.


Same problem on my Samsung galaxy s8, stops every 10 minutes about. Very very annoying!!!

Check out the thread [PSA] Samsung users please read!.

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