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Music stocks over bluetooth

Music stocks over bluetooth



i have a problem with the bluetooth playback.

The playback will stop after exact 10 minutes for half a second.

Whether offline or streaming.


I test it with different bluetooth receiver (Jabra, Ford etc.) and with different android devices (Samsung S4, Nexus 5X, HTC One mini 2).

The problem is always the same.


The problem is with google play music too but not with other music playern for android.


I think it is a problem with the power saving of android. When the screen is on, there are no problems.


A google search shows that I am not alone. But I have not found a solution without root.

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I must correct myself. The music break after exactly 15 minutes and after 30 minutes, etc.

Google Play Music stock after 10 minutes (That does not belong in this forum, but maybe it helps in troubleshooting)


Has anyone an idea? Is this forum the only way to get support?

Can you try going into the phone settings and power.

Now open 'Battery Optimization' and change the filter to all apps. Find Spotify and tap 'Don't Optimise'. Now go back to the home screen and see if this has fixed the issue?

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Good idea, but it doesn't help.

All the same. Still after 15 minutes.


In my opinion is it a bug in spotify (and google play music), because the problem does not occur in other apps.

In a German Forum is the tip: Set the "Cpu governor" to "On demand".

But root is not an option for me.


I'm android app developer. If this is necessary, I can handle with adb, logcat or beta versions.

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