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Music stops playing : THIS WORKS (for me)

Music stops playing : THIS WORKS (for me)

Since the last update to the app, I have been having the issue with music stopping mid-track (playing offline, not linked to internet/wifi or Bluetooth).

Completely random, might cut out on the first track, or the tenth, or not at all.

Using LG G3 and Android 5.0.


I managed to look at my screen a couple of times within a second or two of the stoppage and saw a message stating that the Spotify app had been closed due to "high power usage" by the app. (this message disappears within seconds, so you have to be quick to spot it)


I tried keeping my battery as fully charged as possible, but the problem reoccurred even with 95% charge.


So I tried this, and so far have NO CRASHES:

Simply, when starting up Spotify to play music, shut down all other apps that are open (or as many as possible if you are going to multi-task and listen to music in background).

So far using this strategy, I have a 100% success in eliminating stoppages.

And I can even 'force' stoppages by starting up (for example) a dozen other apps to run in the background whilst using Spotify (Spotify will typically stop playing within 2-10 minutes with mutliple apps open and running in background).


Hope that this helps others.

Hope that Spotify get off their behinds and find a proper fix.

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Thanks. I'm trying this right now.. it's been so annoying.

Spotify needs to fix this. Not sure what the BMW 7 series update did to mess up the whole app.

So, another thing I noticed with Spotify recently is that it wouldn't automatically stop when an incoming/outgoing call goes out like it used to. It would bug me because I would have to manually stop the song. However, trying this method, it seems to auto stop the music when I make an outgoing call.


Music's been playing for the past 15-20 minutes or so, so it seems all good so far. hahaha. 


Ughh, finally a decent solution. The Spotify Moderator solutions were not helpful at all. 


Cheers to the community!

Thought I would post what helped me.

*edit, Sorry i thought a quick reply would post a small reply on his post but no A big ole reply just for that question !!! Sorry for thread hijack

When paying a sub, i would expect some form of support to be in place when the product doesnt work.

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