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Music stops playing after only 1 song

Music stops playing after only 1 song




United States



Samsung Galaxy S9+

Operating System

Android Pie (beta) 


My Question or Issue

If I search for an artist, and scroll down to 'See All Songs' I get a huge list.  I press the first song, and it plays, then the music completely stops.  The only way to play the next song on the list is to manually select it.   My autoplay is on, what else needs to happen to make this work properly?  I hope I don't have to set up a queue everytime..  


On a side note:

I've had Spotify Premium for close to 10 years now, and over the past few years it has become more and more frustrating to use.  It seems all of these app "enhancements" are breaking a once outstanding product.  I used to say Spotify was my favorite app on my phone, but that is definitely not the case anymore.  I hope there is a simple fix to this issue because I'm getting close to moving on to something else. 

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