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Constant Waze Banner part 2

Constant Waze Banner part 2






 Samsung Galaxy S7

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


Spotify version:  latest version on Google play as of Jan 24, 2019.


My Question or Issue


Recently Spotify started using the car screen when connected to my car Bluetooth.  Whenever I minimize the car screen so I can browse Spotify I get the Waze Banner, this happens every time without fail.  If I disable car view it never happens.    The car view just started happening on its own and I quite like it so am hoping I can figure out the Waze thing. 


Thank you


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The same thing is happening to me, even though I have Waze integration turned off in settings.


It's also started happening in Scribd app, so maybe Waze are ignoring our settings! 🙂


I don't have the waze app on my phone.


I'm on premium, LG G6, Android 8 and latest version of Spotify

I'm going to second this issue. Waze banner won't go away, despite it being disabled in the settings. I don't have Waze installed either. This is frustrating.

I also have this issue as of 2 days ago. The banner opens ever time I open the app.

I turned off the car view, and the banner hasn't popped up since.


Obviously not a solution if you want to keep car view on!

Same here.

Anyone from spotify wish to comment??

Having the same issues. Been going on for a couple of weeks. Waze turned off, get the banner every time I open Spotify. First world problems, but it's irritating! 


Galaxy Note 9 on AT&T 

Spotify version

Android version 8.1.0

This is incredibly annoying. Are we going to have to pay extra now to remove the Waze banner? I have a preferred navigation app and there's a handful of convienient ways to switch songs.


Like the others have mentioned, I also do not have Waze installed, it is disabled in settings. Car view is nice, an easier way to see playlist would be sweet! Waze banner and the pop up after closing is annoying and distracting.


Android 8.1


My dad has the same problem.



Android 5.1

Phone Siswoo C55


He uses ether Google maps or osmand for navigation.


We haven't tried yet to disable the car view, as another user suggested.


I don't seem to have this problem though.


Android 9.0

Phone Huawei P20 Pro

I have the same problem.

Everytime my phone connects to my car spotify annoys me with this banner and when i want to close it I have to click on that pop-up! I have been paying to use spotify premium for over 2 years now, why do you have to show me ads in  the app?

Hate it.


Waze is disabled in the settings and not even installed on my phone.

I will try to turn of the car view, but i would really like to use it.


Phone: Xiaomi Mi 6

Provider: Vodafone (Germany)

Android: 8.0.0


Hey there folks,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Our tech teams are currently looking into this. If you haven't already, we'd recommend heading to this Ongoing Issue report and adding your +VOTE. This way, you can stay up to speed regarding any updates we have.


Have a lovely day!

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