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Musics stops when using google chrome


Musics stops when using google chrome

Hi Everybody,


Since the last update, the music stops when i use google chrome on my galaxy s3 (4.1.2).

And i can't turn the app off...


can someone help me please ?



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Addition to my previous post...

Android device is not rooted, app and downloaded play lists are not on SD/External, and internal storage is still far from full.

I have a Moto G4 plus and have the same problems.
Tried to reinstall Spotify after cleaning up my phone, as supposed on this thread.

Didnt help at all.

Any suggestions?

Android Version is 7.0
Spotify version: armV7

I tried to delete Chrome Cache -> didnt helpt

I'm almost sure the crash is happening in order to "focus" on the app you used the last. 


Maybe some of your apps are consuming too much RAM. But it's a strange crash indeed, because I had this issue when using generations older than Moto G4 😕

Does the music on spotify like stop whenever your using other apps/multitasking, it sometimes happens to me even when Im just playing the music, not doing anything, I have an LG Aristo

I AM NOT SEEING THE SOLUTION. The thread is a circle back to this thread without a solution!

I have problem of music on premium account cutting out whenever I am using Chrome or Samsung browser.  Have Spotify on  sd card with many gigs of space.  Very little on older tablet except bloatware that cannot be removed or turned off.

@la19411 this topic relates to problems using chromecast with android devices. Problems with the web player are discussed here.

You're absolutely wrong.

This topic discusses unexpected shutdowns of the Spotify-App on Android devices while using the Chrome Browser App.


I couldn't solve the problem so I cancelled my spotify subscription  and switched to google play music. Works fine.




You're absolutely right @nytune. I must pay more attention! Apologies to @la19411. This issue has been affecting some users for a long time. I recommend contacting the support team here to see if they can help.

Any solution for this yet? It happens all the time with me, and it's very frustrating that I can't use Google Chrome on Android while I'm listening to music on Spotify - both are essential apps for me. I even tried using Mozilla Firefox but the same problem happens. I've been using Spotify for two years now but I'm considering switching to another streaming service.

I switched over to Google Play Music because of this issue.
My guess is that Browsers are very memoryhungry and somehow kick spotify out of the system.

You have a moto g4 plus ,too ?

Yes, I have a Moto G4 Plus. I wonder if this happens to other Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy. 

I chatted for like an hour with a Spotify support yesterday but they weren't able to help me with this problem.

Unfortunately, we were not able to resolve this issue. We contacted Spotify help desk numerous times. We ended up having to provide few different music streaming options to our employees. Had Spotify been more helpful, they could have cleaned house with over 120,000+ potential users signing up for either Spotify's monthly fee and/or free service. Our amount users were not even enough to get any kind of decent tech support. Oh well, other music streaming services are happier now!

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