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My SD card is fried because of Spotify?!?!?!

My SD card is fried because of Spotify?!?!?!

Yeah, this is pretty bad, some help would be great... Heres what happened:


Was casually blurting out spotify through my phone (Sony Xperia J) which was connected to a bluetooth speaker, and after about half an hour the music stopped and it had popped up that I now have a 'blank SD Card', at which point i tried everything to connect it too the computer and my phone by restarting everything ect.ctc. But what my problem really is, is that i think Spotify was the cause of my 32GB San Disk micro SD card being fried... And that means music, pictures, videos, memories, app data = fried. Idk if there are ways to restore any of that but if spotify are to blame, could this happen to other people aswell?


Before this there were minor problems wih the sd card, and the phone e.g after i had turned on my phone sometimes it wouldn't read it and i would have to restart the phone ect.


Help would be great!

4 Replies

Hi there,


SD cards are easy to be "out of work" sometimes and I dont think Spotify has anything to do with this. If your computer can recognize it now, there are some recover tool that can help you take you data back and buy a new one. Make sure you do the back-up this time.


Hope this help :).

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

There are apparently known issues with certain San Disk cards too:

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No, that's the other problem, the computer cannot read it at all. A few times it has popped up 'did you want to format the SD card' on my phone but that was before I tried it in the computer, so I immediately said no. However, all that is popping up now is 'blank SD card' and hasn't asked to format it since. I doubt it was spotify, however what made me say that was from what I had previously read about a recent update allowing apps to do something with the security of the SD card, which is causing the cards to malfunction and fail. Having only recently downloaded spotify (about 3 days) and the fact that I was using it at the time of when it went blank, leads me to the conclusion that it could have only been spotify that caused it. But then again I can't find any other people who have had the same problem...

"There are apparently known issues with certain San Disk cards too:"



So he reckons the a replacement SD card with the ROM fix work fine? Might have to send off for another one, cheers for that.

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