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My Spotify been hacked

My Spotify been hacked

Hi, recently someone keep adding on my song list with song that i never heard off. and sometimes it keep deleting my playlist. i did change my password and sigh out everwhere. but now, it still there. one day i was open my Spotify account. i noticed some random android user was using my Spotify. when i pause the song. it immediately sign out.
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Hey @basstarget


Due to the nature of this problem, you can contact Spotify Support on this Contact Form Here.


This is a special contact form that allows you to select the email to which Spotify Support will reply too 🙂

If you receive a No-Reply email that says to check out the FAQ or Community just reply to that email and Spotify support will contact you 🙂

Support takes 24-48 hours to reply to you if they have not replied to you by tomorrow you can ask me here and I will escalate the issue for you 🙂

I hope this helped solve your issue 🙂

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