Negative Feedback on new Car Mode layout


Negative Feedback on new Car Mode layout


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Spotify version

There was a recent post on this topic by another user in the Ideas section that was quickly closed because it wasn't "clear" enough.

This version of Spotify just changed to a new Car Mode display. I feel that it defeats the purpose of having a dedicated, safer interface to use while driving. Specifically:

- Album art serves no purpose while driving, is distracting and takes up a good portion of screen real estate

- The name of the song and the artist are now smaller and much harder to read at a glance. If the song title is long, it scrolls, which again is distracting and not needed if you the restore the screen area taken by the graphic.

- The button sizes are OK, but why is there a large (-) button on the lower left, but  the Like (heart) icon is small and tucked halfway up the screen next to the song title? There is a blank space in the lower right corner where a larger Like icon could easily be placed and would be easier to quickly tap.

- Those three issues also combine to make it more difficult to identify an unfamiliar song or artist and and it to your liked songs list in order to expand the variety of music which Spotify can present.

The Car Mode should be functional, not pretty.




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Hey @IceDoc ,


Thanks for your idea!


You can suggest it here and when it gets enough likes, it maybe gets implemented in the future 🙂


Have a nice day!

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