Filters Reset/Flash When Interacting With Podcasts


Filters Reset/Flash When Interacting With Podcasts





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Pixel 3

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Android 11


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I've been experiencing issues for the last couple months with podcast filters. If I set a filter, let's say Downloads, and scroll quickly through the list of episodes the screen will flash and the filter will no longer be applied to the episode list, though the labels at the top will claim the filter is still there. Removing the filter does not result in a change to the list of episodes, and reselecting the filter after will show the correct list.


This may be related or may not, but when I try to download an episode the screen flashes rapidly between the top of the episode list and further down on the list (where the episode I'm downloading is located). I typically have to wait for the download to finish before I can interact properly with the app.


You can see these behaviors in the attached video, though the first bug occurs during download instead of scrolling.

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Hi @ralphatobe,


Thank you for posting on the Community. 


After reviewing the issue you describe, we found this has been reported recently by other users.


This is the thread that's handling this specific issue, so please follow the troubleshooting steps shared there. If the issue persists head to the post and add the following info:

  • Your device info: Make, model and operating system

  • Spotify's app version

  • The same video you sent 

In that post we'll share all updates related to this issue, so please keep an eye on it.



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